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The Secrets Behind the Luminous Makeup of Our Lueur Collection

Natural dewy makeup is a rising star in bridal beauty, and we're fully embracing the trend! In our debut collection, Lueur, we collaborated with celebrity makeup artist Emma Chen to curate a look that epitomizes the essence of the Maya Bella bride: soft, dewy skin, pops of pink, and effortless hair.

Dewy Luminous Skin

Achieve a subtle yet radiant bridal makeup look with our Dewy Luminous Skin technique. Our campaign imagery showcases the art of attaining a flawless complexion without the weight of matte finishes. We've perfected a luminous glow that enhances your natural features. Through careful skin preparation, including hydrating serums, a hydrating facemask, and lightweight foundation serum, we ensure your skin radiates beauty from within.

Skin: Lancome Official Advanced Genifique serum & O Cosmedics tinted SPF

Contour: Makeup Forever all-in-one palette

Concealer: Makeup by Mario

Highlight: Rare Beauty in Enlighten

Eyeshadow: Blend of Narsissist liquid orgasm with Meccamax in peachy and Urban Decay Moondust Space Cowboy in the center

Mascara: Dior Beauty Iconic Overcurl in Brick

flushed cheeks

Enhance your cheekbones with a touch of rosy hues, as seen in our Lueur campaign imagery. Whether you have fair or deeper skin tones, a dab of crème blush adds the perfect amount of color to frame your face, inspired by the strawberry makeup trend.

Products: Blend of Narsissist liquid orgasm with Meccamax in peachy and Meccamax tan pigment

Fluffy Brows

Transform your look with fuller, fluffy brows that effortlessly frame your face. Our campaign imagery demonstrates the beauty of brushed-up brows achieved through minimalistic grooming techniques, creating natural definition without harsh lines.

Pinkish Nude Lips

Complete your bridal ensemble with Pinkish Nude Lips, a versatile choice that complements any style or skin tone. Our Lueur campaign imagery showcases the understated beauty of nude lipsticks, including the iconic Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, for a sophisticated finish that enhances your overall look.

Immerse yourself in the subtle allure of our Minimalist Bridal makeup, a style that celebrates simplicity and authenticity. Our luminous makeup look is crafted to enhance your natural beauty, whether you're opting for a DIY approach or seeking the expertise of a professional makeup artist. Let the captivating imagery from our Lueur campaign ignite your bridal beauty journey as you embark on this unforgettable adventure with us to discover the perfect wedding day look that encapsulates your essence.