FALL 2024 collection

Unveiling "Lueur": Maya Bella's Debut Collection luminates the Bridal World

Introducing "Lueur", our debut collection of 15 luxurious wedding dresses that embody the essence of luminescence. Inspired by the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow, each gown is a testament to the ethereal beauty found in the natural world. Through intricate bead and crystal work, we have translated the enchanting qualities of luminescence into tangible elegance, creating dresses that radiate with timeless allure. From delicate lace to luxe mikado, every fabric has been carefully selected to enhance the luminous quality of each gown, ensuring that every bride feels like a celestial vision on her special day. With "Lueur", we invite brides to step into a world where dreams are woven into every stitch, and where the glow of love shines brightest.


Introducing our debut collection “Lueur” a collection of 15 luxurious wedding dresses inspired by luminescence and translated into the gowns through intricate bead and crystal work